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Beijing Tourist Attractions

Beijing's cultural life colorful, various types of performances, international exhibitions and Jacuzzis. Beijing Opera is known as China's "national essence", there are two hundred years of history, gorgeous costumes, beautiful singing, and amazing Facebook impressive. The famous Chinese National Grand Theater, Chang'an Grand Theater, Huguang, Lao She Teahouse, Chinese Peking Opera, Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre, Poly so often traditional opera performances. Houhai, Sanlitun Bar Street, Nanluoguxiang is a good place to go. Beijing Planetarium completed on September 29, 1957, facilities include a planetarium hall, hall, exhibition hall, lecture hall, observatory, etc.

Tourist Attractions
Beijing is the world's the world's heritage the largest city, is the world's first geological park has the world's capital cities. Beijing is rich in tourism resources, opening up more than 200 tourist attractions, the world's largest palace of the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park Royal gardens, the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace, and the Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall and the world largest courtyard Prince Gong's Mansion and other attractions. Beijing cultural relics 7309 total, 99 national key cultural relics protection units (including the Great Wall and the Grand Canal in Beijing), the 326 municipal units, five national geological parks, 15 national forest parks.

Badaling Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, 2014-8-30 (tours-2)
China Aviation Museum, Beijing axis, 2014-1-20 (tours-2)
Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Sculpture Garden, Beijing Aquarium , 2014-1-11 (tours-2)
Badaling Wild Animal World, Ancient Cliff, Shijingshan Amusement Park, Shijingshan Amusement Park, 2013-12-24 (tours-2)
798 art zone, 798 Art Area, Alley Ju children, 2013-12-12 (tours-2)

Jade Spring Hill, Jietai Temple, Jingdong Big Reed Marshes Reserve, Jingdu First Waterfall, Jingxi Eighteen Pool, Jiufeng National Forest Park, 2013-12-12 (tour-2)
Huairou Countryside Fun Park, Huang Cao Liang, Huayan Temple, Hundred Bird Park, Imperial Ancestral Temple, Beijing Institute University 2013-11-27 (tour-2)
Holy Lotus Hill, Honglingjin Park, Horn Ditch 2013-11-17 (tour-2)
Haituo Mountain, Dabaotai Western Han Tomb Museum, China History Museum 2013-11-7 (tour-2)
General Tuo, National Grand Theater, General Guan Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall, Gui River, Haidian Exhibition Center 2013-10-28 (tour-2)
Fly Dragon Valley, Beijing Folk Museum, Hillwood Folk Custom Resort, Gaobeidian international folk Tourism Culture Village, Double Gragon Mountain Forest Park, Fuling Tomb 2013-10-20 (tour-2)
Elves Valley, Endangered Animal Center, Fa City, Fahua Temple, Ancient Shore Farm Resort Area, Film Tourism City, Fangshan Bixi Fishing Park 2013-10-12 (tour-2)
Double Dragons Gorge, Changping Dragon Pool, Dragon Sin Temple, Beijing White River Grand Canyon Rafting Drift, East Lake Harbour, Green Gold Ecological Park 2013-10-1 (tour-2)


Crocodile Lake Marine Park, Chinese Culture Park, Dahei Mountain, Dalong World Water Playground, Deshengmen Jianlou, Ditch Cliff, 2013-9-20 (tour-2)
Capital Times Square, Chaoyang Park Ski Slopes, Chunhui Spa Resort, Shangfang Cloud Water Cave, Concept Complex Classical Art Museum, Country Golf Club 2013-9-13 (tour-2)
Bailongtan Royal Forest Park, Banbidian Forest Park, Baoguo Temple, Beipiao Bird Fossil Nature Reserve, Breeze Ridge, Calligraphy Mountain 2013-9-4 (tour-2)
Beijing Aries Ditch, Beijing Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, Beijing Back Garden Tourist Scenic Area, Badachu Fust Slide, Baicao Banks, Bailingguan Great Wall, 2013-8-22 (tour-2)
China Ancient Animal Museum, Ancient Observatory, Ancient Architecture Museum, 2013-7-22
Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, Xiaotangshan Modern Agricultural Technology Demonstration Park, Chaolai Agronomic Park, 2013-7-21 (tour-2)

Beijing Attractions
Forbidden City
Badaling Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall
Temple of Heaven
Summer Palace
Tiananmen Square
Beijing Opera
Ming Tombs
Underground Palace
Yonghegong Lamasery
Beijing Hutong
White Cloud Taoist Temple
Beihai Park
Jinshanling Great Wall
Simatai Great Wall
Juyongguan Great Wall
JianKou Great Wall
Beijing Zoo
Confucian Temple
Shichahai Hutong
Tanzhe Temple
Fragrant Hills Park
798 Art Zone
Aquatics Center "Water Cube"
National Stadium "Bird's Nest"

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