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Beijing Chinese Martial Arts Tour - Taiji Quan Class

Class Duration: 1-2 hours
Organizers: Sanfeng Taiji Class and China Great Travel
1) Open areas of your hotel
2) East of Sacred Bridge in Temple of Heaven
3) The terrace beneath the CCTV Tower
4) Open ground in front of China Social Science Literature Building, Zhongguancun
5) Any suitable places per your request

Beijing Chinese Martial Arts Tour
Beijing Chinese Martial Arts Tours
Beijing Kung Fu travel
Beijing Kung Fu Trip

Taiji Quan

Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) is a wonderful martial art. Besides being very effective for combat it is also excellent for health promotion and spiritual cultivation. Many people, however, are not aware of its combative and spiritual aspects. Even those who practise Taiji Quan solely for health often do not get the best benefits of its health aspect. This article will explain why, and suggest ways you may adopt to get more benefits from your Taiji Quan training.

The term 'Taiji Quan' is a short form of 'Taiji quanfa'. 'Taiji' is the Chinese word meaning 'the grand ultimate' or the cosmos. And 'quanfa' means 'fist techniques' or martial art. Taiji Quan, therefore, means 'Cosmos Kungfu'. Indeed every movement in Taiji Quan is made according to martial considerations, i.e. a Taiji Quan practitioner moves the way he moves in a Taiji Quan performance because that particular way gives him the best technical advantage in a given combat situation. Hence if you say that you practise Taiji Quan for health and not for fighting, you probably do not realize that Taiji Quan actually means Cosmos martial art, and that virtually all great Taiji Quan masters in the past practised it for fighting.

Tour Cost
Number of Participants Tour Cost Per Person
1 person US$ 45
2-5 persons US$ 35
6-9 persons US$ 20
10 persons up US$ 15

What are taught in the class?
The Taiji Quan class lasts 1-2 hours and is sectioned into the following main steps:
1. Brief introduction to the origin, development, classification and function of Taiji Quan will be made by your masters in the class. (10-15 minutes). Taiji Master will give a full presentation of ¡°to-be-taught" Taiji Quan.
2. You will be taught according to your age, interest and physical condition. You can select from a range of class options. (40-60 minutes).
3. Taking part in any one of these options will certainly raise your interest in China's Taiji and will also lay a good foundation for further study.
4. After each class, competitions will be held to test what you have acquired during the lesson. The winner will get special Chinese gifts.

How To Book The Above Tour?

Please send us an email and let us know the information below:
1. Your name.
2. Your hotel name and the names you have used to reserve your hotel room (if you have checked in your hotel, please let us know your room number).
3. The date when you will take the tours.
4. The codes of the tours that you would like to take (each tour has a code, please find it above).


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