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Home >> Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai
Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Garden, China Shanghai

Yuyuan Garden is located in the center of Shanghai City and neighbors City God Temple. It is the most visited classical garden in Shangahi. The garden was primarily built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) by Mr. Pan, a local government officer. The garden was built exclusively for his parents as a place for them to enjoy a tranquil and happy time in their old age.

The current Yuyuan Garden is actually almost a rebuilt one after the establishment of New China, because the original garden was severely damaged in the late Qing Dynasties. This ancient-styled garden covers an area of 20,000 square meters (about five acres). The garden is not large in scale, but it is indeed a god-given quaint spot in the international metropolis that is endowed with ingenious design, tranquil environment, traditional Chinese pavilions and stages, artificial hills, and water pools, etc. Besides, hundreds of inscribed boards and stone inscriptions, and a stone carving art exhibition hall are all worthy of visiting.

Looking through the gate of the garden, you will see an artificial hill with a height of 14 meters (about 50 feet), it is the largest as well as the oldest artificial hill in the southern region of the Yangtze River. Ascending the top of the hill, tourists will get a bird¡¯s eye view of most part of the garden. Cuixiu Hall sits at the foot of the rockery is a quiet and elegant place surrounded by old trees and various beautiful flowers.

In the Yuyuan Garden, a entertainment hall which was called Sansui Hall was built also in the Ming Dynasty as amusement spot, which just like today¡¯s theater. With a height of nine meters (about 30 feet) and featuring five halls, it is the largest and most commodious structure in the garden. The name Sansui is derived from the book History of the later Han Dynasty, and means ¡®propitious¡¯ and ¡®lucky¡¯.

Taking a walk in the area of Yule Pavilion and Wanhua Chamber, you will find many traditional Chinese pavilions, corridors, streams, courtyards as well as many other natural features. Wanhua Chamber is a delicately chased architecture surrounded by various cloisters and spring bamboos grow beside the cloisters. In front of Wanhua Chamber, there are two old trees. The higher one is a maidenhair tree which is 21 meters tall (about 70 feet). It is said this tree was planted by the owner of the garden 400 years ago.

The Dianchun Hall Area is located to east of Wanhua Chamber, including Hexu Hall, Relic Hall, Ancient Well Pavilion, and the Acting-and-Sing Stage. In the late Qing Dynasty, the hall was once the headquarter of Xiaodao Hui, a religious underground revolted group who fought against the Qing government since its establishment. Though it finally failed to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, it had troubled the national rulers for decades of years and many histories and relics were left by Xiaodao Hui. Visitors could see currency coins and bulletins made by Xiaodao Hui on display in Dianchun Hall. It just like a mini museum with its theme Xiaodao Hui and its history.

The most rare treasure in Yuyuan Garden is the Exquisite Jade Rock which Locates across from Yuhua Hall. it is one of the three most famous rocks in the southern region of the Yangtze River. (The other two are Duanyun Feng in Suzhou and Zhouyun Feng in Hangzhou.) The most remarkable feature of this jade rock is the numerous different-sized holes dotted on it. There are some interesting test did by people in ancient time. They set an incense burner under the rock and the incense smoke rise through the holes. When they poured a cup of water upon the rock, water would flow through the holes down to the ground. The rock is 3.3 meters (about 10.8 feet) in height and has 72 holes.

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