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Home >> Hongluo Temple

Hongluo Temple

Hongluo TempleHongluo Mudi Yong and was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 345-356) years. At that time in northern China is at the Sixteen States Period after Zhao's reign. Jin Huaidi Yongjia four years (AD 310), Western monk Buddha figure Cheng East to China as a missionary, by the Later Zhao emperor Shi Le, Dan Hushu nephew of actor ceremony, then in the territory after Zhao preaching and apprentices, the widespread construction of Sita. He was formally approved by the state in China and apprentices (China who became a monk) the first person, after Zhaoshi Hu Jianwu Dynasty (Eastern Yonghe four years, AD 348 years), died Ye Gong Temple. According to the "Monks" records, Buddha figure Cheng Zhao after preaching in more than 30 years has reached 893 Temple, Hongluo that one of them.

Hongluo natural landscape is very beautiful. North Hongluo. South balcony Hongluohu, mountains and water around, storied Pinnacle, ancient trees, the entire monastery nestled in acres of Songhai among traditionally the ancient, strange, male, show, humor is known, there are the "Royal bamboo, male and female ginkgo, Wisteria send song "Ruin King embellished. After continuous development has formed a Hongluo, Hongluo, Temple, Chengxiu park, pine Ocean Park Royal Park and five hundred six major scenic spots of 6 square kilometers.

Temple covers an area of acres, divided five courtyards, room 244. Intermediate Court gate, King Hall, Main Hall, Third Temple as the axis, with something four Peidian; Avalokitesvara Hall, Garan Temple, founder of the house woke occasion, the Indian founder of the house of light and chanting several rooms. Eastern Hospital for the reception; West Hospital as abbot relegated Laos and ten square hall; East under the ridge north of the monk relegated Laos and extension of chips Church, south of exercises power field; west tower on the ridge of snail and ashes Church. Hongluo large four-poster in front of imposing three of the giant arches, carved beams and painted rafters, arches above the vice chairman of the Standing Committee Lu Jiaxi was inscribed "Beijing North giant brake" four characters. Couplets hung on a main entrance, "a reference pulse Zhuquan Miao Di, bimodal Lo Xiu card Tathagata." Gates YingBi letter "Sumeru shengjing" words from the screen wall before folding eastbound.

Hongluo has a unique natural environment, it is perched Hongluo, NAN Zhao Hongluohu. Lush forests, storied dye, towering old trees, the whole monastery nestled in acres of pine forest, forming a "blue Tibetan temple," the beautiful picture. There are various kinds of trees around the temple 600 kinds, more than 60 plant species, forest reproduction of a variety of live birds and small wild animals. According to the forestry department's forecast, Hongluo area there are a variety of more than a million lines of trees, forest coverage to 90%. Temple East pine bath Park (locally known as Rohan ditch) grows 1,000 acres of lush Gu Songlin trees more than a century old trees on more than ten thousand, Beijing tour package is one of the important group of trees. Forest with zodiac stone, there are 500 life-size scale to carved with bluestone "Ocean." Walk Gu Songlin in, breathe fresh air, enjoying the elegant surroundings, you or on tour in various shapes Luo Hanlin, or everywhere sitting on stone tables, in a leisurely, achieving longevity effect . Local people in circulating this statement: "By Rohan ditch were born in health disease disappear."

Temple has male and female ginkgo, east of estrogen results but not flowering; west side of the male, but not flowering results, peculiar is that the west side of the male ginkgo tree 30 meters high, the trunk four weeks, having ten side dry, It is said that since the Tang Dynasty planted ginkgo two years, every change of a dynasty, the more side grow a dry, this is just a legend, but at the Millennium ginkgo old or more, it is the unequivocal. Main Hall after the "Wisteria send Pine" behind the west side of the main hall there is a growing number of centuries-old flat-topped pine trees more than six meters high, has nine branches, straight east to stretch in all directions, with the following ten I root timber support, flat-topped pine nearby, there are two sized thick wisteria, such as snakes, like flying around the students in the pines, forming a huge canopy, shade area of ??over 400 square meters, the annual spring and early summer, wisteria flowers, such as strings of pearls purple, covered with branches, pine green vine with purple flowers in succession contests, so visitors to the Festival. This Hongluo a great landscape.

Hongluo north of Hongluo, more gentle south, there are hiking trails can be reached hermitages venosa summit, visitors can easily climb. Vegetation cypress hill area, pine forest, autumn leaves forest, standing Hongluo the summit, look around: the South is a vast expanse of plain, rural, village, town, panoramic view of the town; Northwest is boundless stretches of military are mountains, in the mountains surrounded by winding paths between the Great Wall as the dragon snaking on mountains; eastward view: Yanqi, Qinglong a beautiful panoramic view. Hongluo scenic bonus Luoshan, Hongluo, Temple, Chengxiu park, pine bath park, five hundred six scenic Ocean Park, another "Royal Bamboo", "male and female ginkgo", "Wisteria send song" Ruin King embellished cultural landscape in perfect harmony with the natural landscape blend into one, thus Hongluo people bowing Baizu scenic, climbing gym, sightseeing tours, refreshing a good place for meditation.

Tourism environment elegant, ancient trees, after years of evergreen, seasonal flowers, cultural landscape and the natural landscape King show. Wisteria Send pine, royal bamboo, male and female ginkgo called Ruin King; Teranishi's zhenzhuquan, Bitou like a mirror, boiling bubble, such as beads, there Shinsen known; South Temple of Hongluohu, rippling water, overflow color streamer, is a boating, swimming, fishing, a good place. After years of development and construction of scenic spots, and gradually formed a "food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment" in one, comprehensive supporting facilities scenic tourist resort.

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