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Home >> China National Art Museum tour guide

China National Art Museum

China National Art MuseumChina Art Museum is a collection, research, exhibition of modern Chinese artists focused National Plastic Arts Museum. Started in 1958, completed in 1962, is the tenth anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of ten buildings, is one of the largest art museum. June 1963, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote the "Chinese Art" Museum forehead, a clear position in the National Gallery of Art Museum of China and office museum nature. Main building for the antique attic, large yellow glazed tile roof, surrounded by Gallery pavilion surrounded with a distinctive national architectural style. The main building area of 18,000 square meters, a total of 17 exhibition halls to five, a total exhibition area of 8,300 square meters, the exhibition line length of 2110 meters, one of which nine exhibition halls, the sum of 5,100 square meters of exhibition area, exhibition cable length 1400 m ; triple five exhibition halls, the sum of 2,000 square meters of exhibition area, exhibition length 429 m; five three exhibition halls, the sum of 1,200 square meters of exhibition area, exhibition line length 235 m. 1995 China Art Gallery in behind the main building and the new modern collections library area of ??4,100 square meters.

China Art Museum collection of more than 10 kinds of art pieces, Beijing tour package before the founding of new China the main works of the period, both the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, the Republic of the artist's early masterpieces. Mainly modern art collection boutique, famous contemporary Chinese artists representative works and major art exhibitions winners, as well as colorful folk art. The collection exists Ren Bo, Wuchangshuo, Huang, Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Jiang Zhao and Szeto Joe, Li Keran, Ye Qianyu, Luo workers Liu, Wu and other artists. There are also more than a thousand pieces of foreign works. In 1999, the German foreign collectors Ludwig couple donated 117 works of art, including four paintings by Picasso.

Build a museum 40 years, China Art Museum has organized thousands of farm influential art exhibitions and various famous artists exhibitions. Influential in organizing a national exhibition, influential international exhibitions are: "500 years of American paintings Hamer original masterpiece Exhibition", "French 19th-century paintings of rural landscapes", "original paintings Picasso Exhibition", "German Expressionist Prints "," Rodin Art Exhibition "," Marc Chagall Art Exhibition "," spirit of the East Miro Art Exhibition "," Austrian National Museum Collection Exhibition "," African Art Exhibition "," Dali Art Exhibition "," French Impressionist Paintings Treasures Exhibition, "" Midsummer France - Beijing "," 300 years of Russian art - the National Museum of Fine Arts Museum Collection Qiake Fu "(the" 2006 Chinese Year of Russia "an important exhibition)," American Art three hundred years: Adaptation and innovation "," Italian Art ¡¤ Italian life "(the" 2006 Year of Italy in China "an important exhibition)," From Titian to Goya - Museo del Prado art treasures exhibition "(2007 important exhibitions of Spanish culture one). 2008's "Golden Age of Light - Dunhuang Art Exhibition" broke the Chinese Art Museum built since the amount of daily visits, monthly audience volume and weight of the individual exhibit three records, within two months of audience reception 66 million people, China Art has become an aesthetic education to the public the importance of the implementation of art.

Museum of the Chinese nation into a truly international standards of modern art museum, in May 2002, the implementation of the China Art Gallery began renovation of the main building works. Was completed in May 2003, the exhibition hall facilities, lighting, building automation, temperature and humidity, fire alarms, security monitoring systems, have reached advanced domestic level. After transformation, the new museum of modern architecture using new technologies to expand the traditional pattern for national architectural context adds a new connotation. July 23, 2003, coincided with the 40th anniversary of hall, Chinese Art Museum re-opened, causing widespread concern in the arts at home and abroad.

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