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Home >> Prince Gong Mansion, Beijing

Prince Gong Mansion

Prince Gong MansionAnother early morning, this day, place to go is respectful Wang Fu, about it, there are a lot of legends. Some people say that it is the prototype of Grand View Garden, a dream of Red Mansions in extravagant, some people say that the house was almost half of the Qing Dynasty history, refraction, sad pathos, and many legends of ancient masters of the house, and I want to know, how does this mansion?

Prince Gong House is located in the corner of the Shichahai, said that since ancient times is the Beijing scenic spots, stepped out of the cab, in front of which is a tree-lined streets in downtown long, static. The door is on the lions, knowledgeable people know, count the lion head "bumps", one can find house master rank in size, where a product official, door engraved with the 13 lions head "bumps", saying that the thirteen Taibao, a following each low level "bumps" decrease a hierarchical, traditional Chinese, even in front of a small stone lions, also remarkable. Stepped into the front gate, into a complex into the courtyard from the depths, the axis through rigorous, majesty, from the roof to the corridor, all can be comparable with the the Imperial Palace building, the main building is called the silver Luang temple, then, can guess the house owner and Shen, under the "one in, man" the full blossom. Is respectful Wang Fu Shen, originally for the house, the most famous of the Chinese history of corrupt officials to build the mansion, nature is the best luxury can cunning work, perhaps is the publicity of the film and television works in recent years, with the name, said of sb.'s name, the side of the tour guide said: current and Shen fabulously rich, not only at that time, even now, is the richest man in the world. The tone is not a point off the fat of the people of corrupt officials play the gangster angry indignation, perhaps the last too long, maybe NIMBY, maybe this is one of the "Chinese characteristics", when so many years past, history has already turned not to know how many articles, all that light was joking.

Go to a strain of wisteria, of course, this winter, it has been packing withered vine, remember Ying had sent me a picture of her in this photo, then Wisteria flowers, she told me she liked it, she said that Prince Gong House is a beautiful building. More than a year ago, I finally came here, despite the bleak winter, although the palace wall shows a solemn and quiet, it is still a delicate beautiful courtyard, qulangtingxie, mountains hold water, Diaolanhuadong eaves, brackets, paradigm is not Chinese traditional architecture, and now even the money, cannot be made, Beijing tour has not made the courtyard, times have changed, the pursuit of efficiency, is said to traditional simplification, no one is willing to long time long time focus on one thing, and we have too many things to busy too many choices, but also gradually no classic. Go to the garden, the sun rose, side tourists more, they indulge in elaborating on the Shen legend, perhaps a lot of people are talking about these side also imagined Wang Gang shaped like tv.

Historically, Shen and beauty are prepared, and proficient in many languages, by virtue of its outstanding talent and quickly made his official position of Qianlong, climbing higher and higher, the power of unprecedented, humanity is soon be reckless with greed, Shen went on a corruption of the road of the District, can be extremely will reverse, finally and Shen did not violate this rule, be executed, leaving it: fifty years dream really, now let go of Xie Hongchen. His mansion, but was retained, to give to others, then escaped the Eight-Power Allied forces looted, survived from the name of the cultural revolution in ten years of catastrophe, palace treasures property had become destitute and homeless, only garden-style courtyard this painting beautiful still complete to save, very not easy. Pinch index, Prince Gong House now has more than 200 years, in the construction, may not be very long, if it can talk, talk, do not know how it will describe since its birth to the two hundred years? Turn the world upside down.

From the back garden through the house, through the side hall in a palace, and back to the main hall, a layer, all around the house, accompanied by a variety of names, chanting, guests will be, the theatre...... When poor people to head a roof over head and rush be kept constantly on the run on the occasion, there will always be people can stand on the heights overlooking all rights, and enjoy.

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