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Home >> Miyun Reservoir sightseeing guide

Miyun Reservoir

Miyun ReservoirMiyun Reservoir is located in the tide, White River middle reaches, the Department of impoundment Shirakawa, Chao water from the reservoir area across two rivers. There are two main dam, auxiliary dam five. Where the main dam on the White River in the vicinity of xiwengzhuang Shirakawa, dam 960 meters long, 66 meters high ; Chao main dam in the south near the Chao soda, dam 1,008 meters long, 56 meters high. Five were in North White Rock auxiliary dam, cursory village, south stone camel, west stone camel, nine Matsuyama, etc., length of 2592 meters. Except for the heart cursory Zhuang auxiliary dam wall and homogeneous earth, the other dams are compacted clay wall dam, dam surface lining stones. Main auxiliary dam filling totaled 18.88 million cubic meters of earth. Reservoir flood design by Millennium, the maximum depth of 60 meters, the highest level surface area of 188 square kilometers, the maximum capacity of 4.375 billion cubic meters. Control Chaobai River Basin area of 15,788 square kilometers, accounting for 88% of the total drainage area of the river. There are other ancillary works spillway three, four spillway tunnels, regulation pool one, two and Jingmi such as hydropower.

After the completion of the Miyun Reservoir, virtually eliminating the tide, Shirakawa water damage to downstream over 600 acres of farmland from flooding, 400 acres of dry land becomes irrigated land, 100 acres of wasteland shed flood. The reservoir charged with the supply of Beijing village tours, Tianjin and Hebei Province, parts of the agricultural and industrial water and domestic water mission, became the capital of the most important sources of water. Two power stations installed capacity of 96,400 kilowatts, the annual generating capacity of about 115 million degrees. Library annual freshwater 3,000,000 kg So, Miyun Reservoir comprehensive benefits with flood control, irrigation, water supply, power generation, aquaculture, and tourism. Established in 1964, the Miyun Reservoir Management Office, located Chao, Shirakawa, landscape management clinics and other hospital workers, a total of 670 employees, is responsible for maintenance management and scheduling the use of the reservoir.

Miyun Reservoir to the Mountain hills, thousands of images to attract visitors, Jingdong become one of the famous tourist scenic spot. When you come to the reservoir, the face is the towering dam. Boarding crest, suddenly suddenly, Yanbo Hao Sen, Tianshui vast lake, fishing vessels little eye can see, all kinds of buildings next to the library, now hidden among the mountains, like the Asgard Joan Tower. White River Reservoir Dam Northwest has an altitude of over 900 meters high mountain, named five floor building has five watchtowers, forceful, standing hilltops, reservoirs picture with sweeping scenery beyond the Great Wall. Come here to travel, fishing, summer, rest. Are highly desirable comfortable.

Miyun Reservoir, Beijing is famous for fish Township. The reservoir must try delicious Kuadun Yu (fish stew with reservoir water), as well as paste cakes and other farm food : gourd stew, cabbage stew tofu dry noodles, fried tofu brine, etc. If the orchards around the lake to eat, as well as views of the lake with meals, guaranteed to make you eat and leave. Huairou rainbow trout is the capital of fashion cuisine, roast stew Safe, when passing Huairou mountains, there are many roadside farm Kodate can taste the rainbow trout.

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