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Home >> Holy Lotus Hill travel guide and tour

Holy Lotus Hill

Holy Lotus Hill

Holy Lotus Hill (St. meters the Shitang Lotus Hill) is located in the southwest of Beijing, Fangshan District, northwest of the high mountains, 930 meters above sea level, is the gathering place of the Taoist.

Saint-Lin Shan steep mountains, towering handsome, the foot of the mountain valley of deep, gurgling streams, mountain stream the peak gaoya steep cliffs, dense mountain clouds amid the fog, endless variations lush jungle, towering old trees the temple concept pavilions nestled in the shade of Cui cover between the mountain paths show features stretch straddle temple, but also showcase hung, insurance, Austrian, absolutely, show the characteristics of known as Jingxi small Wuyue reputation.

AAAA grade scenic spot, municipal Geopark. Historians Township is located in Fangshan District of Beijing, about 90 kilometers away from Beijing, is a set of historical and cultural heritage and cultural landscape as one of the major tourist attractions, outstanding the holy lotus peaks Love Cuiwei Peaks, Gongyi phase is. Coupled with the mysterious holy water, and St. meters, excellent vegetation, known as the "Kyoto first odd mountain."

Holy the lotus Mountain scenic Taihang context ancient name Tai Shan the entire mountain resembles a lotus-shaped, Gu Yue "holy lotus Mountain". Was built in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the late Qing Dynasty, built temples in the high and steep banks, Buddhist unity, the interpretation of the unique cultural characteristics. According to records, the Ming Dynasty, known as the "Gyeonggi Eight" one, after being damaged by the war. 2000, various relics were restored, restoration, construction modern services and facilities of the different styles of yurt star hotel in the scenic recreational area, and an area of 48 square kilometers. Tenth Fangshan Tourism and Culture Festival formally opened to the public on June 18, 2004 on the occasion of the successful contractor.

The scenic Holy Lotus Hill altitude of 1030 meters, a warm temperate semi-humid, semi-arid continental monsoon climate with four distinctive characteristics, cool and pleasant summer, winter fog lock welcoming song, the average temperature of 10 ¡ã C. The highest temperature in July, the average temperature of 24 ¡ã C. Vertical distribution of vegetation, temperate broadleaf forest, the Carpinus initiation plexus and Vitex shrub is particularly significant in Kowloon Valley ecological ditch. Mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, wildlife, goral, jackal, red fox, red-footed falcons, vultures, eagles are the national protected animals. Easy to explore the unique geological heritage, the construction is completed, including comprehensive service area, the typical geological heritage viewing area, "St. meters" viewing area, caves cave resort, Beijing tour to surface karst landforms viewing area, and the cultural landscape of six tour viewing area municipal geological park. Landscape gate, God cattle Ridge, Buddha chairs mountain zebra stone, three touch water, sandalwood Chashe, worship table, turning over the Kowloon the valley, Ping Feng, Road, of twenty-eight, kite, the peach palace, Jiulian Chun Tong dong, Sanqing, ancient, meditation station, Baxiandong, Day Street, Mr. Tsai Yi Tomb Snake house, Changchun hole, Guan Di Temple of Our Lady of Xishan, sky-hole, summer view of the snow, the concept of Changxing, the Sento the holy water hole, San meters Shitang, Homeward Pavilion Nantianmen Barry Reclining Buddha, St. lotus pagoda, ancient grind room, Kyorin Tayuan, Happy Valley, Tianshengqiao Yan Wangye nose, hanging horse, old pines, welcoming pine and so on.

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