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Home >> 798 art zone travel guide and tour

798 art zone

798 art zoneI had a lot of strange things happen to me. Remember that the dark clouds I said in the previous post? Well, it turned out to be a very bad storm here in six hours or so. For example, Dr. decide that we do not see the Great Wall yesterday. Thus, instead of the name, then as a day of shopping. First we went to 798 factories, which was literally a kind of neighborhood, full of graffiti, drawings, paintings, sculptures and all kinds of different art forms. I described a number of cool and funny weird pictures of us in the 798th factory Apparently the story behind it was, what started as abandoned factories that were made by street artists. They have all kinds of art throughout the district and the district created Art. As we enter this business, I bought some things for some reason, after buying the items raised the alarm and fear of the crap out of me! I turned to the lady motioned me to go, that I was good, but then Photo 3 The detector was again.

After I left, stopped and realized something, I do not think they charged me for two of these cards I bought. Something about the price they did not name the price of things, which I bought for 10 yuan. I bought a poster of 20 yuan and 5 yuan per 4 cards, but the price is only called to -40 yuan ....? So I think that Beijing Springtime tour sounding the alarm, but hey! After that we ate in a European style than us, but me and another girl were immediately arrested by the German buddy, we asked if we were Americans began to speak German for her. So naturally, because I went to school for German, I decided that spoke, I was a little disappointed with my knowledge of German, but the man was very good in English and said he had a child in Tennessee also said he was a Berliner. So, after lunch, we saw how this guy was entertaining British director / manager of the store to speak, because their money wet ... ....? In fact, it was funny Photo 4watch because women were like four foot 10 and clearly this guy was 6 feet tall! She took the money only because this type of China, said another, it was natural to take it. Then the British guy as "High Five!" And the Chinese guys like "OK!" So we went shopping at Silk Market. This was certainly FUNNNIEST this experience I had in China!

So the first we got into a group of about 6 We walk through the doors and escalators, but not one minute after entering one taken from our group, yes, literally kidnapped by a girl selling to buy a bag of some sort. So we are all gone, but then realized "wait, can not go back!" So we went back to the rescue, but because he was already buying, so it always has been. There were four stages in the silk market is full of all the "potential" stuff cheap. I say potentially cheaper, because the goal is to steal sales and aims to negotiate the price. I must admit, is that so difficult photo with a local Chinese, which helps to provide price there. But I think I'm good. In fact, I was better with the guys when I negotiate with people to sell woman!

Then I tried to find sales people to negotiate with the men, because all I finally sold at asking price! A stupid girl stole my belt and tied my wrists in an attempt to make me buy from your company! I laughed and told him he could keep the band stupid, but I needed to come back elastic. (It turned out that they have, if we let the silk market!) Do not think I've been so torn apart while I was there. My strategy because I'm very bad at math, the name was basically want you to pay a price if I was in America and then convert them to yuan from there. Probably only if it is simply because it's cheap, does not mean America is the No. cheapest price I could go to China ... So I say, "I do not get ripped off so bad," because I have less per U.S. GAAP.

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