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How long is the history of Beijing

history of BeijingKnown to the world with its long history, Beijing, as a capital, has already undergone a period of over 850 years. And so far as its history is concerned, it can be traced back to the time of "Peking Men" of some 500,000 years ago. At that time, the ancestors already began to live in and around the present-day Zhoukoudian area and some 3,000 years ago, the Zhou Dynasty then already enfoeffed Prince Zhao to this area, calling it Yan. In the middle of the 11th century 91153), the Kin Dynasty made it its capital and the ensuing dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing followed suit. Thenceforth, Beijing, except the period of about 40 years before 1949, has always been the political, economic and cultural center of the nation.


beijing symbol flower, monthly rosesWhat are the symbol trees and flowers of the city of Beijing?
The symbol trees of the city of Beijing are known as the Chinese scholar and juniper trees while monthly roses and chrysanthemums the city flowers.

How may days are there in each season in Beijing? What's the specific feature for each of it? What's the highest and the lowest temperature in Beijing?
Spring: From Apr. 1st to Jun. 4th, a total of 65 days;
Summer: From Jun. 5th to Sept. 7th ,95 days in all;
Autumn: From Sept. 8th to Oct. 22nd, a mere 45 days;
Winter: From Oct. 23rd to the next Mar. 31st, a total of 160 days;
The specific feature for each season is as follows: Spring is usually dry and windy, sometimes even having sandstorms, but due to the efforts of afforestation in recent years the weather conditions have been much improved with the days of air-purification better than Grade 2 coming to over 60 percent of a year; Summer is hot yet seen with more rainy days; Autumn spells a pleasant climate though, yet time is rather short and only winter lasts longer with a clear but cold weather.

How many frost-free days are there in a year in the area of Beijing? What is the average sunshine time of a year?
In the area of Beijing there are 180 frost-free days in a year. And the yearly sunshine time averages about 2,700 hours in Beijing.

What is the annual average precipitation in the area of Beijing?
The annual rainfall in Beijing area averages 644.2 mm. , which relatively concentrates in summer. From June to August, the volume of rainfall comes to 75% of its annual precipitation.
July is usually the month with the most of rainfalls in the Beijing area. According to the statistics made from 1784 to 1956 the rainfall in July averages 239.1 millimeters, being a little over 1/3 of the annual average rainfall of 636.8 millimeters in the same period.

beijing riversWhat are the main rivers flowing through the area of Beijing Municipality?
The main rivers that flow through the Beijing area are the following five: Yongding, Chaobai, Juma and Xun rivers and the North Canal as well.

How many nationalities are there in Beijing? What is the proportion?
There are 56 nationalities in Beijing, of which the Han nationality of the people totals more than 11.00 million, a proportion of over 96%, while the population of other ethnic groups comes to a total of over 420,000, or 3.8%of the total.

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